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This Privacy Policy replaces any prior Privacy Policy you may have received, or has been displayed on, or on any document of any kind, including documents where you have applied for bad credit loan, agreements pertaining to any transaction, or agreements pertaining to any loan that may have been issued. Only the terms stated in this Privacy Policy will apply from now on, unless future changes are made. If there is any conflicting text between this Privacy Policy and any prior Privacy Policy you may have received by, you should only acknowledge the terms set out in this Privacy Policy.

About Us

You are offered this Privacy Policy through We are also responsible for handling our potential client database. This database can sort and compile the information on individuals in order that it can be sold to other businesses and networks for the benefit of a particular end user who is in the process of applying for a specific service or product, and who agrees that contact may be made by a delegate of a business promoting a service or product. We work in association with external traders, we also use the medium of advertising and external associates for the purpose of promoting our website to people who show an interest in submitting our online application form, or have shown an interest in being included in our database through purchasing the current database of customers who have already submitted an application on other websites, and who have consented to take delivery of information regarding the offers of services or products of a comparable nature to the services and products already offered through our website. We also promote our external services by using pay-per-click advertising, as well as through being referred in a way that may forward you as a result of using our website. Your use of means that you have agreed to the way we use the information contained in PII and the information contained in non-PII, as well as for any of the purposes stated above. We gather and hold data about you so that we can work on your application for products and services better. We also use the data to contact you to let you know about other monetary services that you may find interesting. Please note that any examples highlighted in this Privacy Policy are not necessarily the only ones in existence.

Acknowledgement and Agreement

Anyone below the age of 18 years should not use This also applies to anyone who is not a legal resident of the United States of America. You should take the time to carefully look over the terms in this Privacy Policy. By making use of and making use of any of the services we offer within this website, you are also agreeing to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy. If you are in disagreement with our Privacy Policy terms, and if you are below the age of 18, or if you are not a legal resident of the United States of America, you are advised not to use or any of the services we provide.

Notification of Changes to Our Privacy Practices

We, at, hold the right to amend, revise or update our Privacy Policy terms as and when we deem it necessary for whatever reason, including the need to do so if legally required, or when there are changes made that require an update. We are obliged to advise you to read our full Privacy Policy each time you visit our website or make use of any of the services that provides.

Personally Identifiable Information

We use a variety of sources (some are stated below) to collect and merge personally identifiable information (PII), as well as non-personally identifiable information. We generally use PII for reasons of locating an individual. The data gathered includes the person”s first name and last name, their postal address, their social security number, the state they live in, their city and zip code, whether they own or rent their home, their driver”s license number, their email address, their telephone number, their date of birth, whether the individual has relatives serving in the military, the name of the person”s employer, the length of time they have been employed, their job position, the telephone number of their employer, the dates when they are paid, the rate of compensation occurrence, the routing number of their bank account and the number of their bank account, the name of the bank they use, the telephone number of their bank, if they get paid through direct deposit, the amount of loan they require, their net income per month, a suitable time to contact the individual concerned, and data gained through their computer, including the IP address they use. We do not use non-PII information for identification purposes of individuals, and non-PII information does not consist of any of the items stated above.


As well as promoting external partners and associates, we may also sponsor offers of products and services by means of direct phone marketing, text messages or email campaigns to any individual who asks to receive the information. Our partnering marketing agencies may also contact customers by phone, SMS or Email to promote their products and services. This may come about through an opt-in system found with an external partner merchant, as part of our email submission form on our website where opt-in is included, or through a website controlled by someone affiliated with us. As long as they choose to do so, all subscribers on our list will continue to receive promotions by telephone or email, and will only cease to receive such promotions should they choose to unsubscribe. Subscribers are free to fully unsubscribe from the list whenever they wish to with no questions asked. This can be achieved in one of three ways: 1 – by sending an email asking to be removed; 2 – by visiting our Unsubscribe page; 3 – by sending a postal communication asking to be removed.

If you wish to fully participate in anything offered through our website, it is imperative that you submit all of the required personally identifiable information; otherwise participation is likely to be limited. Should you choose to opt-out of receiving any communications from us, we will place telephone numbers and email addresses that we receive as part of an opt-out submission in the “Do Not Contact' registry. We will do our best to process your request as quickly as possible, however, we will need a few days to do that. You will continue to receive promotional and informational messages from us and from those associated with us unless you specifically make contact with us and request that you be opted out of the system.

If a subscriber of ours requests removal from our list, this request will also be sent to our external partners and associates so they can also add the opt-out request to their “Do Not Contact' registry, if that is appropriate. You should realize that if your personally identifiable information was submitted to, and gathered by, one of our external partners or associates, we at may not be the sole merchant with access to this data. Also, there remains the possibility that our external partner or associate may have acquired your information form an external partner of theirs, so it may be the case that you will continue to be sent promotional information from them. is not accountable or responsible for the prevention of any or all contact that has not been specifically requested or wanted that may be received from any source that is out of our control.

Minors does not deliberately or actively collect data from persons who are under the age of 18. We are not knowingly collecting or using data that concerns or involves minors for any reason, and this includes for the purpose of marketing and promoting.

We would appreciate all parents and guardians who become aware of any minor below 18 in their responsibility and under their control who offers their personally identifying information to us, through any of the contact means, to get in touch with us via Email as soon as possible to alert us to the situation so that we can remove the child”s information from our database as soon as possible.

The General Collection and Use of Information collects PII and Non-PII from all current and potential customers at a number of different places around our website. This data is used to send information concerning our company, as well as to provide to our clients.

It is always possible to opt-out of receiving promotional messages. Read the Opt-In/Opt-Out portion of our Privacy Policy for further information. We verify your name and address through the use of your financial, contact and other information held on file. We don”t need all the information asked for when you fill out and submit any of the forms found on our website. We do require, your first name and last name, your social security number, your postal address – state and city, your email address, your home status – rental or owned, the number of your driving license, your date of birth, your telephone number, the telephone number of where you work, specifications of computer hardware including IP address, your relationship or otherwise to anyone serving in the military, the name and phone number of your employer, the length of time you have been in your present employment, your job title, the dates on which you are paid, the frequency of compensation, your bank routing number, your net monthly income, whether you are paid by direct deposit to your bank account, and the amount of bad credit loan that you need. automatically collects information about your computer, which we may then pass on to other associates who offer traffic analysis services. The information gathered can include domain names, the browser type used, your IP address, the referring website addresses, and times of access. We use this information to uphold and advance the quality of services offered, and to produce statistical information about how you use our website. No third-party databases are used for updating or making corrections to any of the data you submit to


A cookie can be defined as a very small text file that contains information gathered about the user when they visit our website that is then stored on the hard drive of their computer. You may choose to not have cookies stored on your computer and still be able to use our website, but in that case, some features of our website may not be accessible to you. The use of cookies lets us track and target the things that are of interest to you, thereby allowing us to provide you with a better user experience on our website. There are two types of cookies, persistent and session, and all of the cookies used on this domain are correlated to the PII provided by you.

Cookies are also used on our website by some of our associates, which includes some advertisers. We do not have control over, nor do we have access to, these cookies after they have been positioned on our website.


There are a number of links to other websites emanating from The privacy practices conducted by any of these other websites are out of our control, and we therefore do not accept any responsibility for them. Visitors to our website are advised to be vigilant when leaving our website to visit another through a link found on our website, and to read all privacy information, detailing how they collect personally identifiable information, on all other websites they may visit. This Privacy Policy can only pertain to the data we at collect, and this also applies to situations where we may frame another website within ours. Should we, from time to time, co-brand services with associates and other merchants, we will state clearly who is gathering information, and which Privacy Policy applies.


Many different technologies and security measures are employed by in our efforts to safeguard from unauthorized use, unauthorized access, or unauthorized disclosure, all the private information you may submit to us. The information is stored on secure computers in strictly controlled environments that have severely limited access. Any highly classified information that we transmit over the Internet is protected by standard encryption methods, such as the 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.


We are unable to offer a solid guarantee that your personally identifiable information, including your personal contact and communication information, will never be subject to disclosure in any manner that is different from the ways described in this Privacy Policy. We may at some time be obliged by law to release information to third party or government sources. Also, it is possible that a third party may access or tap into communications that are intended to be personal and confidential. Also, as already stated, should you decide to opt-out of your subscription to using the means we provide you with at the bottom of every message you receive from us, we will put forward your email address to the other party providing services so that they can add your personal identifying and contact information to its “Do Not Contact' list. is continually developing, and we may choose to purchase other companies or their holdings, or we may offer our own assets for sale, and this could include information about customers. Any other company that acquires or its assets will also acquire and have transferred to them, the pertinent customer information that gathered through their website. You can read more on this situation in the “Notification of Changes' portion of this Privacy Policy. retains the right to disclose any subscriber information, should it be deemed necessary to make contact with, identify, or initiate legal proceedings against, any individual who may be interfering with, or causing damage to, rights or assets, other subscribers, other website visitors, or any other person who can be damaged by any negative action. also retains the right to make your personally identifiable information known, should it be a requirement of the law, or if we deem it a requirement in order to defend our rights, or to meet the terms of a judicial court order or court proceeding, or any other legal procedure that may be served on our website.

Information Shared With Affiliates

When you ask for information, or request a quote on the website, you bestow authorization on or our associates to contact you directly. We share your requests for bad credit loan, along with your contact information submitted through our relevant website forms, with associated companies, which includes banks, commercial lenders and licensed loan brokers, so that we can complete the request received from you, or to let you know about relevant services and products, as well as other pertinent business reasons. Only the following kind of businesses have this data divulged to them: title service companies, financial service providers, debt and credit services, and auto-finance companies. Our use of the term, “affiliate company,” refers to a company under a legal agreement with us for the provision of agreed services, or it refers to a company wholly possessed by us.

Information Shared With Co-branded Partners

Several of the services offered by our website include some that are co-branded with partners we are contracted to. When a co-branded provider of a service or product is identified, your PII will not be provided to, but to the co-branded provider”s website instead. They will be in full control of all your information as soon as they receive it. However, your contact data, postal address, email address, name, phone number, etc., is also shared with us.

We have the entitlement to make use of your private information so we can offer the services you have asked for, and these may include services that present advertising and general content customized to your own personal preferences. Also, apart from any charge you may be notified about, the messaging rates set down by your providers are likely to be applicable to our conformation, as well as all SMS communications. You can opt-out of this situation and remove your SMS information through replying with “END', “STOP' or “QUIT' to any message sent to you. Your SMS information will be deleted from our database, should you choose to opt-out, and will not be used again at any time.

"Do Not Contact" Registry Compliance

You are providing written consent to allowing contact by our associates and affiliated partners when you submit your private and financial data. They may contact you by email, postal mail or telephone, at their discretion. You are also giving your consent to receive telephone calls from us, our associates and affiliated partners when you register on This may also include some lending bodies who may make contact to discuss loans.

Former Customers

The information we hold on former customers is treated in exactly the same way that existing current customer information is treated.

Confidentiality and Security

The right to use non-public private information concerning customers is not given to those employed by us as a way to make available selected products or services. Safeguards of an electronic, physical procedural nature are maintained constantly that are in compliance with federal regulations. This protects your private information from any access or use that has not been expressly permitted.

Your information is maintained in a current state through joint accountability. The quality of the information you provide is kept up to date every time you tell us of a change to your circumstances. We encourage you to contact us through the telephone number, postal address or email address listed below whenever you need to report a change that affects your personal information.

Site and Service Updates

Service announcement updates will be sent to all our users whenever needed. Subscription to these announcements is obligatory, given their importance concerning the service we provide. We also make contact by telephone or email with our users to give them requested information, as well as to provide a solution to any problems about their account that may arise.

Correct/Update Information

You should contact us via Email in order to confirm any updates if the information you have provided to us has changed, correct certain parts of the information, or render inoperative the use of your private information. You can also log into your account on our website and do this by yourself.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Implications of Late Payment

If your short term loan is not paid on time, there are several courses of action that can be taken by our lenders. You can find out your particular lender's practices by visiting its website. You should read this information carefully before you electronically sign any loan agreement.

Implications of Non-Payment

When loans go unpaid, this can influence you in several different ways. You should always be sure to negotiate payment arrangements with your lender if you are unable to repay your loan as stated in the original agreement in order to avoid or reduce the following:

Financial Implications - While the fees for short term loans of up to $500 already amount to 15-40% for $100 borrowed, unpaid loans can have even higher charges. Also, the interest charged on loans of more than $500 can be higher. Additional charges for non-sufficient funds can be $20 or more and loans that are more than 15 days past due can be assessed additional charges of up to 10%.

Collections Practices - Our lenders reserve the right to contact you via telephone, text message and email in an attempt to collect the money they are owed. Generally, they will not sell your debt to collection agencies or sue you for the unpaid balance; they will instead offer debt settlement options. All lenders must adhere to the guidelines of the FDCPA, or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that was put into effect by the FTC. Additional information can be found at or through the lender directly.

Impact on Credit Score - Failure to repay short term loans can have a negative impact on your credit rating if your lender reports to any of the major consumer credit bureaus. This will remain reflected in your credit history until the amount of the loan is repaid in full. This may also hinder your ability to take out short term loans in the future.

Renewal Policy - Some lenders will require you to agree to automatic loan renewals if you cannot pay your loan on the initially scheduled date. This is in addition to other options you may have, including paying your loan in full or making arrangements to pay down the principle balance over time. Please review your documentation carefully for automatic loan renewal information. You should also understand that additional interest and finance fees will be charged if your loan is automatically renewed.

Disclosure of Fees Including the APR

The Annual Percentage Rate, or APR, associated with short term loans is usually between 260% and 1825%. Though this seems high, it is actually quite competitive. These percentages depict what you would pay over the course of an entire year. Since these loans are made to be paid back quickly, they are highly competitive and less expensive than bounced checks and overdraft fees.

APR Comparison Table

14 Days
How does the APR for a single payment small dollar loan compare to other options? Compare your options for the cost of $100 extension of credit for
Product Type (single repayment) Charge APR
NSF + Bounced Check $45.00 1,173.21%
Overdraft Fee $30.00 782.14%
Late Fee $20.00 521.43%
Small Dollar Loan $10.00 260.71%
2 Days
How does the APR of a small dollar loan compare to the consequences of being unable to obtain a small dollar loan? Consider the cost of a $100 extension of credit for
Product Type (single repayment) Charge APR
NSF + Bounced Check $45.00 8,212.50%
Overdraft Fee $30.00 5,475.00%
Late Fee $20.00 3,650.00%

APR Calculations

$100.00 Amount Financed, $120.00 Repaid 2 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 2 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 3,650.00% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $130.00 Repaid 2 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 2 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 5,475.00% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $145.00 Repaid 2 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 2 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 8,212.50% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $110.00 Repaid 7 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 7 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 521.43% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $110.00 Repaid 14 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 14 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 260.71% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $120.00 Repaid 7 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 7 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 1,042.86% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $120.00 Repaid 14 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 14 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 521.43% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $130.00 Repaid 7 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 7 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 1,564.29% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $130.00 Repaid 14 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 14 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 782.14% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $135.00 Repaid 7 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 7 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 1,825.00% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $135.00 Repaid 14 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 14 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 912.50% per 365 day year = APR

$100.00 Amount Financed, $145.00 Repaid 14 days after the borrowing

Interest earned on last day but not the first, so 14 days earning: Per Diem uncompounded Interest = 1,173.21% per 365 day year = APR